12 Cat Posts That Will Make You Want To Give Your Cat A Tight Hug

These cat posts of this week are so adorable and funny and you will want to find your cat or any cats to give it a hug after seeing this list.


How is your week been so far? Here is a list of top cat posts this week that if you are lack of your cat affection lately, you might want to run into them and give them a tight hug after these cute posts. Or if you currently don’t have a cat, you might want to adopt one.

#1 This sweet baby has just opened her eyes for THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!

sub-buzz-7032-1552504494-1.jpg (640×890)

#2 The big boy!

sub-buzz-7805-1552505202-1.jpg (640×839)

#3 Cats with hats attack the fashion industry.

#4 This cat ridiculously stared at your soul. 

sub-buzz-27132-1552507456-2.jpg (640×776)

#5 This cat was so excited with its owner’s new accessory.

sub-buzz-23396-1552668480-1.jpg (640×853)

#6 Kitty looking so fierce on her adventure.

sub-buzz-20782-1552599780-1.jpg (640×854)

#7 A part of hamster is in this cat’s blood.


#8 Artist kitty.

sub-buzz-27959-1552657960-1.jpg (640×834)

#9 That trio that you don’t want to mess with.

sub-buzz-14413-1552668206-1.jpg (640×828)

#10 At least he tried.


#11 New toy in da house.

sub-buzz-13259-1552660845-1.jpg (640×640)

#12 This baby has the world most perfect beans.

sub-buzz-14748-1552656477-7.png (640×630)

(h/t: buzzfeed)


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