10 Facts About Cats That Will Make You Love Them Even More


Even though if you are a cat owner with many years of “surviving” experience, you may never completely and fully understand cats. They are such independent and mysterious creatures that even have their own logic.

We collect some facts about cats today to share with you things we thought we knew about cats, but we don’t. If you feel like this list is lack of information, submit yours to us!

#1 Normally, a cat spends two-thirds of its lifetime for sleeping, which means a 9 years old cat has its sleep time at the amount of 6 years.

#2 Cat’s brain is biologically closer to us than dog’s.

Image credits: iansomerhalder

#3 A liger is the biggest cat till today. The big kitty can be up to 13 feet long and can weigh over 660 lb. The biggest liger today weighs 992 lb.

#4 Black-footed cat is the smallest wild cat with the female is only 19 in long and weighs just about 2.6 lb.

Image credits: Patrick Ch. Apfeld | Zbyszko

#5 It is believed that black cats brings good luck in Britain and Australia, however, in the Europe and North America it is considered to bring bad sign.

#6 Persian cat is the most popular cat breed. The second is the Maine Coon and the Siamese.

Image credits: 12catslady

#7 The Turkish Van cat loves water. Their fur is waterproof so that they very enjoy swimming.

#8 In the embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow, the employees noticed that 2 Siamese cats came to the building regularly and scratched the walls. It turned out that there were microphones of Russian spies hidden in the walls.


#9 Cats are able to know where they are by the sunlight angle or they have magnetized cells in the brain the work like a compass. That is why they can find their way back home.

#10 Crème Puff is the oldest cat in the world, which was from Austin, Texas that lived from 1967 to August 5, 2005, and died 3 days after its 38th birthday.

Image credits: JonHarle1

(h/t: brightside)


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